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Protecting your cell phone is what Body Glove Mobile does! The Body Glove Rugged Series is a collection of the most durable phone cases available. Select from three Military Duty Cases for devices including the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 4/4s. iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8), LG G3 and more. Our Rugged phone cases are shock resistant, provide full coverage and come in a variety of styles, colors & patterns. Suit Up with a Body Glove Phone Case today!


Rugged Series phone cases by Body Glove Mobile
Body Glove Mobile Rugged Series phone cases

The Body Glove Mobile Sports Series phone cases were designed with active lifestyle in mind. The Sports Series cell phone cases are durable and stylish, providing ease of use of your smartphone. Our mobile phone cases have everything from hard outer shells, to antimicrobial protection, and 2 layer protection in a variety of colors. Suit Up with a Sports Series Body Glove phone case.



Sports Series phone cases by Body Glove Mobile
Body Glove Mobile Sports Series phone cases

Dress your cell phone for success with a Fashion Series phone case from Body Glove Mobile. Not only are these cases cool and stylish, they protect your smartphone from damage caused by drops and scratches. We have textured phone cases, pattern phone cases, pink phone cases, mosaic phone cases and more.

Body Glove Mobile has Fashion Series cases for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 4/4s & 5/5s, Samsung Galaxy phones and the HTC One.  Suit Up with a Body Glove cell phone case from our Fashion Series.


Fashion Series phone cases by Body Glove Mobile
Body Glove Mobile Fashion Series phone cases

Protect your smartphone with a Body Glove cell phone case from our Slim Series. These ultra slim cases provide superior protection for your cell phones. Our Slim cases Suit Up iPhones, Samsung phones, HTC phones, LG phones and more with a stylish look that fits your personality. Check out all the cool colors and patterns in the Body Glove Mobile Slim Series.

Slim Series phone cases by Body Glove Mobile
Body Glove Mobile Slim Series phone cases

Protect your Galaxy Tab 4, iPad Air or iPad mini with a superior case from Body Glove. The Military Duty ToughSuit gives the ultimate protection from drops and scratches, while the Riser Folio case & stand raise your tablet to new levels. Want sporty and portable? Take a look at the Racer Sport and Flex Sport Folio Cases.


iPad Air cases by Body Glove Mobile
Body Glove Mobile iPad Air Folio Cases

Listening to your favorite tunes on your iPod or having your iPhone or Galaxy phone for emergencies is an important part of a workout or extreme sport activity.  The Endurance Armband from Body Glove Mobile comfortably secures your device to your arm so you can jog, ride a bike or do other fun activities. Designed for both men and women this Armband is adjustable with reflective detailing, headphone port, key pocket and the armband allows you to access your devices screen.

Check out Body Glove's sport Armband today and get moving!


Body Glove Mobile's Armband
Endurance Armband by Body Glove Mobile

Some of us enjoy life on the beaten path, taking risks and living on the edge. But when you’re out rock climbing or simply going out for a run, you won’t want to forget to bring our protective phone cases designed to protect most any device – our Universal Series. These phone cases are built and ready for most any situation.  Fits your phone. Fits your life.


Universal phone cases by Body Glove Mobile
Body Glove Mobile Universal phone cases
Body Glove Mobile offers a variety of phone case styles that help you SUIT UP! View All Styles

About Body Glove Mobile

Body Glove Mobile is committed to protecting your cell phone, and your lifestyle, with its unique line of phone cases. We specialize in ensuring that nicks, scratches, cracks, drops, and scrapes don’t keep you from doing what’s most important. It could be a jog in the morning. A client meeting in the afternoon. An evening out with friends. Whatever it is, we know you aren’t standing in one place, going in only one direction. You are on the move, constantly changing. We know what you need. We know what you want. And that means protection and style are at the core of our mobile phone case designs.

Our cell phone cases aren’t just strong and durable, they are sharp, sleek and stylish. Body Glove cell phone cases come in a variety of eye-catching styles which allow you to pick a case that reflects your personality and lifestyle. The thrill seeker in you might prefer our Rugged Series cases like the ToughSuit or ShockSuit for the iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note 3. Theses Military-Duty cases can handle anything your life throws at them!

Body Glove Mobile has everything from hard shell cases to soft case finishes. From patterned phone cases to solid color case designs our mobile phone cases are made with impact resistant materials. This durable material offers features like antimicrobial protection, enhanced grip sides, ultra thin profiles, kickstands, and scratch free matte finishes. We offer cases for Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Casio, Sprint and more. With choices like this there is only one place to shop for all your cell phone accessory needs!  

Go where the current takes you. On the trail or in the boardroom, we’ve got you covered! So Suit Up with the best phone cases from Body Glove Mobile and live the lifestyle that was made for you.