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Zero 360° iPhone 4/4s

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Zero 360 - iPhone 4 Case

If you need a case that protects your Apple iPhone 4/4s from every possible angle, the Zero 360 case has you covered. The Zero 360 is designed with an ultra-thin, precision fit that is only 5mm thick. A scratch resistant surface keeps your phone and case looking sleek and clean. Capacitive Touch Through Technology allows you to perform touch commands on your screen without having to remove the case. This means that no part of your iPhone ever has to be exposed, even when in use. 

Accidents Happen

That doesn't mean they have to ruin your phone, or your life

The Body Glove Zero 360 Case for the Apple iPhone 4/4s features 360 phone coverage with CTT (Capacitive Touch Through) screen protection. If you're looking to have every part of your iPhone protected without compromising its sleek frame, then the Zero 360 case is the solution. Most cell phone cases shield every part of your phone BUT the screen. Isn't that the most important part of your iPhone? Properly protect every facet of your iPhone with this case. With its super-thin profile, this case not only protects your phone, but cuts down on the bulk that a cell phone case inevitably adds to your phone. 


The custom fit of this case allows access to all of your iPhone's buttons and controls without having to remove the case. A scratch resistant surface keeps the face of your iPhone and case always looking good as new. A cleaning cloth is included to remove any fingerprints, dust, or anything else that could mark up the surface. Dress your phone in ultimate protection and ease of use with the Body Glove Mobile Zero 360 case. 

Apple iPhone 4/4s Phone Case Zero 360 Clear Back

THIS CASE IS CONSTRUCTED of a clear, hardshell material, encases the entire iPhone, and comes with a cleaning cloth. 

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