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Tactic Brushed One

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2 Layer Protection 2 Layer Protection
non slip Bumper non slip Bumper
Shock Absorbing Shock Absorbing
Tactile_Side_grip_phone_case_1 Tactile Side Grips
Strach Free Case with Matte Finish Strach Free Matte Finish
Phone Case Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty

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About this product

The HTC One Tactic Brushed phone case offers protection for your phone using multiple layers. The outside layer of the case is the first line of defense. It is a hard shell that shields your phone from bumps, scratches, and more. The Tactic Brushed case also features gel side grips to enhance your user comfort and avoid dropping your phone in the first place. 

Accidents Happen.

That doesn't mean they have to ruin your phone, or your life.

The inside layer of the case is composed of a gel material that is impact-resistant. If you drop your phone, the gel will absorb the shock, protecting your phone from cracking. It is a built-in soft place for your HTC One phone to land.

Gel side grips provide extra cushioning and make the case comfortable to hold. The cushions on the sides make your hand feel comfy and secure. It helps you hold onto your phone so that you drop it less often. If your phone hits the ground less often, it has less opportunity to damage itself.


Just like all Body Glove cell phone cases, the Tactic Brushed offers a custom-fit. Your HTC One will be hugged tightly by this case, preventing it from jostling around or falling out. Body Glove has been making gear to protect thrill-seekers for years. Now you can count on Body Glove Mobile to protect your phone from abuse and daily use.

Your phone relies on you to keep it safe. Give it the protection it needs with the Body Glove Tactic Brushed Case.

HTC One Phone Case Tactic White/Charcoal Back

THIS CASE IS CONSTRUCTED of a two-tone hard shell exterior that boasts a shock-reducing gel lining.

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