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The Best Cases for Your LG Lucid 2 Phone Cases

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Body Glove has been making gear to protect thrill-seekers for years. Now you can count on us to protect your Lucid 2 phone. Body Glove Mobile cases offer the ultimate in mobile phone protection. They’re built tough and designed to go wherever life takes you.


When you’re up for anything, you never know what’s coming next. Life’s an adventure to tackle one escapade at a time, and you’re ready. But when you’re embracing life’s surprises, take the question out of whether or not your Lucid 2 is ready for your next adventure. Trust Body Glove Mobile for ultra rugged and shockingly thin phone cases like the DropSuit case. The DropSuit is built with reinforced corners and side bumpers for a unique shock dissipation system that keeps your Lucid 2 safe and secure without unnecessary bulk.


You’re ready for anything. Get your LG phone ready, too, with a custom-fit Lucid 2 phone case from Body Glove Mobile.