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Phone Cases for the Galaxy Stellar

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2 Layer Protection 2 Layer Protection
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Shock Absorbing Shock Absorbing
Tactile_Side_grip_phone_case_1 Tactile Side Grips

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Tactic - Samsung Galaxy Stellar Phone Case

The Samsung Galaxy Stellar Tactic Case provides your phone with protection on multiple levels. It has a hard shell exterior that is made out of the tough materials you would expect from Body Glove. It prevents scratches and cracks that can be sustained from dropping your phone or scraping it. The interior takes protection a step further with a gel lining. This layer provides shock reduction that increases impact resistance. Most cases guard only against external damage. This case takes protection more seriously, protecting your phone from all-out drops and jarring.

Accidents Happen.

That doesn't mean they have to ruin your phone, or your life.

It has been said that the best offense is a good defense. This cell phone case takes that saying to heart with its gel side grips. These grips provide extra cushioning and make the case comfortable to hold.

More than that, this grip makes your phone easy to grasp. This means that you drop your phone less often. If you drop your phone less often, that means fewer chances to hurt your phone. It is nice to have protection from drops, but preventing drops before they happen is even better.


While protecting your phone is the primary objective of a cell phone case, who says that it can’t also make your phone look great? This black case has charcoal trim that gives it a stylish appearance. This case has the kind of bold design that makes you proud to pull it out in a business meeting, while out with friends, or anywhere else.

Sleek and sophisticated, the Tactic Case is suited for any occasion and protects your phone without compromising style.

Samsung Galaxy Stellar Phone Case Tactic Black Back

THIS CASE IS CONSTRUCTED of a two-tone hard shell exterior that has a shock-reducing gel lining.

This case IS AWESOME!!!


I love this case for my GS3! Protective, thin, and great looking! I've had a lot of compliments on it! Love the way it looks and slides in & out of my pocket or belt case! Offers full wrap around coverage of my S3 and still doesn't interfere with me typing at all like some cases do! I love Body Glove stuff for mobile and the beach! You can never go wrong!!! Thanks BG!!!



I had an otterbox for my first s3 and I ended up dropping it on my tile floor and wrecking the inside of my phone so when I replaced it I decided to go with something different. The other day I forgot my phone on the top of my truck and didn't realize it until I saw it fly off and turn into an acrobat dancer in the middle of the road. To my pleasant surprise my phone survived with virtually NO DAMAGE. AWESOME FREAKING JOB GUYS! The price combined with style, protection and the fact that I can fit this in my pocket makes this the best case ever.

Sleek & chic


Just got my first smartphone and I wanted to protect it. Did my research and bought the Tactic. Love it! Very sleek, slim, durable, great side grips, shock absorption/protection, fashionable colors and design. Lightweight, feels good in the hand. Worth the money. You will not be disappointed with this case.

love it


Just got it and is slim and sleek

More colors please


Love this case, I bought this for my son almost 2 years ago and it's stood up to some abuse. I want one for myself, but wish there were more color schemes to choose from. Perhaps the bright green and black (instead of white)? Otherwise, I love this case.

phone cracked with case on


I have a body glove case on my galaxy s3 and I dropped it this morning with this case on it and it cracked my screen! I have to get it replaced now which is expensive and I haven't even had the case or phone a year. It failed to protect my phone, the weird thing is when it landed it didn't even land face down and it has a screen protector on it. Disappointed with this case.

A fair trade-off in my bouncy job desc.


This cover is a good fit for someone that works outside a lot, but also has days in the office. I'm always very good with my phones, but the Griffin Survivor was a bit much unless I wore the holster, and I feel like a complete tool wearing a holster for anything aside from a gun. I don't think my phone is as protected, but I've probably been overzealous in the first place. Knock on wood, but I think this will do the same trick but I can slip it in my pocket more easily.



This is quite literally the most amazing phone case I have ever had. I put my phone through hell and back. I've dropped it down an entire flight of stairs. I've dropped it on concrete, tile, and wood floors. It doesn't matter. To this day there is not even a scratch on my phone and I've had this case for almost 2 years. Beyond worth the money.

James Bond of cases


Stylish good looks and tough as nails. Looks fantastic, whether I pull it out of my jeans pocket or out of my suit pocket.

007 of cases


Stylish looks and tough as nails. Looks great whether I'm pulling it out of my jeans pocket or my suit pocket.

more colors


Great case---but a wider variety of colors are needed

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