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Fusion Steel Galaxy S4

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2 Layer Protection 2 Layer Protection
Buttons and Ports easy access Easy Access to Buttons & Ports
Shock Proof Case Shock Resistant Perimeter
Rigid Back Plate Case Rigid Back Plate
Phone Case Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty

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Fusion Steel - Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

The Fusion Steel is designed to protect your Samsung Galaxy S4. This flexible TPU skin cover protects your phone while the brushed metal design offers the style you deserve. This cell phone case by Body Glove is designed with you in mind.

Accidents Happen

That doesn't mean they have to ruin your phone, or your life.

The Fusion’s TPU skin gives your phone the sleek look of a hard case while providing shock-absorbing protection. So whether you’re out for a jog in the morning or a client meeting in the afternoon, Body Glove has you covered.  You and and your phone are ready for whatever life sends your way.


This cell phone case prevents scratches, chips and fingerprints from accumulating on your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. Its dual layered protection ensures your phone is protected. Plus, it's design allows for easy access to buttons and ports.

Now you have protection, style, and convenience. You aren’t standing in one place, going in only one direction.

You are on the move, constantly changing. The Fusion Steel by Body Glove Mobile is a case that suits you wherever you go.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Fusion Phone Case Black Back
Jan 9, 2015

I swear by BodyGlove!


I've been using body glove since I first purchased my Note 2, and now from the day I picked up Note 3, I've automatically turned to BodyGlove for protection! I love their durable Fusion Steel case! I have owned my phone since April of last year and I couldn't tell you the number of times my phone has met certain demise, only to be saved by this amazing case! I'm the worst when it comes to handling a $700 piece of technology. The fact that the phone costs that much escapes me. After about a month I catch myself tossing it, flipping it, Pretty much making it do air acrobatics, and I do this throughout the day. Occasionally I will misjudge how my phone will land in my hand so it takes a dive straight to the ground. It's become a habit of mine to just fiddle around with expensive toys while they are in my hand, luckily I have BodyGlove to back me up.

Response from Body Glove Mobile

We are glad to have your back! Thank you for choosing Body Glove Mobile.

Jul 31, 2014

Great Case!!


This is a great case for this phone. It's sleek and smooth design is appealing to the eye and comfortable in the hand. It doesn't add any more bulk to this already huge device which is so nice! This case helps to protect my phone nicely from drops and falls! I recommend this case for sure!

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