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Phone Cases for the Galaxy S III

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Antimicrobial Protection Antimicrobial Protection
Protective Bumper Grip Protective Bumper Grip
Rugged Gel Material Durable Gel Material
Shock Absorbing Shock Absorbing

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DropSuit - Samsung Galaxy SIII Phone Case

Think of the Body Glove DropSuit as body armor for your Samsung Galaxy S III. Constructed of a durable gel and polyurethane/plastic mixture material, the DropSuit prepares your phone for rough conditions. It is ready for everything, from use at construction sites to traveling with you on a business trip. If you want your phone to survive hard drops and tough grinding, the DropSuit is for you. Body Glove has been making gear to protect thrill-seekers for years. Now you can count on Body Glove Mobile to protect your Samsung Galaxy S III.

Accidents Happen

That doesn't mean they have to ruin your phone, or your life.

Structurally, the DropSuit is built with some unique shock-absorbing features. The corners are reinforced with an extra layer of material where your phone is most vulnerable. On the sides, a ribbed shock-dissipation system absorbs impact and defends against bumps and drops. The strategically placed ribs double as a secure grip for your hand to prevent you from dropping your phone in the first place.


The DropSuit not only protects the exterior of your phone, but also the interior. The inside layer of the case contains an embedded anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of odor, stain-causing bacteria, and other microorganisms. You probably take your phone everywhere you go. With that much travel time, eventually your phone gets dirty. The DropSuit helps protect the inside of your phone as much as the outside.

You rely on your Samsung Galaxy S III for texting, scheduling, internet access, and much more. But it relies on you to keep it safe and looking good. Give your phone the protection it needs with the durable Body Glove DropSuit cell phone case.

Samsung Galaxy S III Phonce Case DropSuit Black Back

THIS CASE IS CONSTRUCTED of a tough, durable material with built-in shock absorbers on the sides. The case contains an embedded antimicrobial agent.

Love this case!


Recieved my Body Glove Drop Suit case today and i love it! Already dropped it and all i can say is wow! Not even a scratch on the phone or the case.Built very well and does it's job.Great looking case too.I will buy Body Glove cases for all my future phone for now on!

Great on Samsung SIII


It is a great phone but it is difficult to get a good grip on your hands. It is also annoying that you keep pressing the buttons involuntarily while holding it. The Dropsuit case fix that in a brilliant way. The bumpers give you a great extra surface to hold it tight and prevents the volume rocker to be pressed by accident. It is an excellent case and not only it protects your phone, it will make it easier to use. Excellent!

Great case


Have it on the 4S and already ordered the one for 5s


This case is so awesome that I don't even have to look around for a case for my new 5s I will be getting. I have already ordered this case for my upcoming 5s.

awesome case!


Not only does this case protect my phone well, since I've dropped it a couple times, but it feels good in your hands and slides in and out of my pocket super easily. Highly recommend this case



Amazing case. I thought it would be too bulky. It's the exact opposite. I've dropped my phone twice since getting the case and the phone doesn't have a scratch on it. Worth every penny.

Great built man ship


I've owned this case for my s3 and no matter how many times I buy other brand names always come back to this one I have an s4 now and I have the charcoal gray I swear no other case beats this case no matter how many times I drop my phone I never see a scratch on the case or on my phone 5 star's all the way

This Case Completes My Samsung Galaxy S III


Ordered this accessory thru Virgin Mobile and liked it so well I hunted down BodyGlove when my partner got a new phone so that he could also have such a stellar phone case. The DropSuit provides heft to a dainty, light-weight cellphone. The ridged grip along the sides prevents me from dropping the phone which I've managed to do with every previously owned cell phone. Case button structure makes it so I'm not accidentally turning off the phone or changing the volume settings. Gives my phone a stylish industrial look. ONLY minor gripe… wish it came in more colors and was available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Love this case and will look to BodyGlove for all future phone case needs.

The Bestest Super Slim Case!


I just purchased my Body Glove Dropsuit and it fits my Iphone 5s super snug and slim! The best part is, it is not only a perfect fit, but it is "anti-microbial" aswell! This case wins my vote! Thanks a bunch!



The only case i will ever buy for my phones.

My favorite case ever!


Best case ever! No flash interference, good protection slim rugged design



Best case ever in the market. Slim, protective, stylish. I have used many rugged cases in the past but were to bulky. This one is great! Highly recommended and the price for what you get is very reasonable. Impressed! Good job body glove. I want to see this case for my upcoming HTC One M8.



Got this case on 6/10/14. It has been a stellar case thus far. I came from an Otter Boxx; & must say; this case is unbelievable!!! I do Department Of Defense Security, and it has held its own. Will continue to support Body-Glove with all of my future cell phone case needs!!!

Body Glove Drop Suit


I love the look and feel of this iphone 4s case!!! Excellent in quality and style AND the fact that its anti-microbial is an added plus...Thanks Body Glove!!! I would definitely buy again and do recommend this iphone case!

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