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Body Glove Mobile’s Diamond provides a slim, glossy shell for streamlined protection that slides easily into your pocket or purse. But this case does more than just make your phone look good.

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The hard shell exterior shields your cell phone from scratches and scuffs that it could pick up from a table edge or set of keys.The exterior is extremely thin and smooth, wrapping your cell phone in a sleek look that will make you proud to pull it out at any social event. Providing further protection, this case has a gel inner layer that is impact-resistant. It absorbs the shock from impacts and diffuses it. When you drop your phone you want something there to break the fall. This gel is that something, sparing your phone from the cracks and chips it would normally suffer without a cell phone case. The Diamond is a case that suits you wherever life takes you. You rely on your phone for texting, scheduling, internet access, and much more. But your phone relies on you to keep it safe. Give your cell phone the protection it needs with the Diamond Case from Body Glove.