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With tactile side grips and non-slip bumpers, the Tactic from Body Glove is an easy-to-grip phone case that protects your cell phone from damage caused by drops. Superior protection for the active lifestyle.

Sports Series Cases

for the active lifestyle

The exterior of the Tactic phone case is composed of a hard shell, which takes on the scratches and scuffs that your cell phone would normally pick up in the course of daily life without a protective case. This Sports Series case features comfortable, cushiony side grips that give your hand a secure hold on your cell phone. The best way to protect your cell phone from drop damage is to keep it in your hand in the first place.  But in the event that your phone does get dropped, this durable phone case has an inner gel lining that is impact-resistant and helps absorb the shocks from falls.


The Tactic Sports Series case currently Suits Up the Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 5/5s,  Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Stellar, and the LG Spendor. Check out the Tactic case and all Body Glove Mobile phone cases. Body Glove Sports Series cases are durable phone cases for the active lifestyle.