At Body Glove, we live to 'Suit Up'. Well-known in the scuba industry for offering scuba suits that deliver the perfect protective fit for divers, the Body Glove brand now brings that commitment to our Body Glove Mobile line of sleek-fitting, protective cell phone case designs.

Whether you suit up for work or play, you'll want make sure your phone is protected. If you're a professional surfer, a business guru, or a working mother, you need to know that your phone is safe when dropped, bumped, scraped, scratched, or nicked. The concrete parking lot of your office building is just as dangerous for your cell phone as the highest peak of a mountain or the ceramic tile on your kitchen floor. So we've worked hard to bring you a line of cell phone cases that let you do what matters, without losing your connection to what matters most.

Body Glove Mobile takes the job of protecting your phone seriously.

But we don't stop there. Body Glove does serious protection with our well-known form-fitting style. We know you want a phone case with a sleek attitude and trendy edge. So we offer options for you to suit up your phone to fit your style.

We keep your cell phone safe while maintaining functionality and ease of use. From rugged and active to your everyday cell phone protection, choose from a stylish selection of phone cases to find the perfect level of protection for your phone.

Wherever you go, wherever you take your cell phone, 'Suit Up' in style and protect what matters most.

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